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Dr. Charles W. Swan was Presidential Policy Advisor to Presidents Reagan and George Bush, Sr. Senator Phil Gramm awarded him the Medal of Freedom and George Bush awarded him the Presidential Legion of Merit Award

Dr. Charles W. Swan Library and Museum

I am proud to announce Dr. Charles W. Swan unanimous nomination to receive the party's most prestigious award... The Medal of Freedom... The first three Medal of Freedom awards were granted to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Charlton Heston. Medal of Freedom Announced February 19, l994, Ceremony held in Washington, D.C May 10-11 1994.

Dr. Swan recieved the following honors:

Presidential Legion of Merit award by President Ronald Reagan, Ronald Wilson Reagan Eternal Flame of Freedom Medal, Victory Monument:Swan inclusion October 10, 1995, Presidential Round Table, Order of Merit, Senatorial Inner Circle, President's Task Force, Majority Medal, Chairman's Advisory Board, A Senatorial Commission, President's Club, National Leadership Team, Presidental Policy Advisor

Phil Gramm, US Senate

The United States Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom, is the highest and most prestigious award that the Republican Party can bestow on an individual. Medals are given for contributions to the Republican Party either through statesmanship and/or economic contributions

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sir Dr. Charles W. Swan

Dr. Charles W. Swan, Sr. Emeritus

Psycho neuro immunology

Behavior influences on the immune systems

Neural and endocrine influences

Immune influences on the neuro endocrine system and behavior

Ontogeny and phytogeny of neural immune interactions


Morgan State University Psychology (Vice President of Class)

Ohio Christian College. BS Psychology

Johns Hopkins University Medical College Entrance Examine

Ohio Christian College, M.S. Abnormal Psychology


Perkins State Hospital (Criminally Insane)

Jessup, MD

Ohio Christian College, Ph.D Clinical Psychology

Boston State University Post Graduate Psychotherapy

University of Texas Health Science Center, at Houston, Medical School Post Doctorate (Medicine)


The mind can help mobilize the body's healing process. Emotions can play a role in combatting disease. Positive attitudes are biochemical realities not merely moods. Fear

panic, frustration, depression, and hate can have negative effects on humans health. Laughter, love, will to live, purpose, faith, and festivity can help combat disease.

Robert Ader,

of Rochester University, coined the term psychoneuroimmunology-immunology in the early eighties described the interactions between the brain, the endocrine system, and the immune system. The body in effect can manufacturer its own poisons when under siege by negative emotions, especially protracted frustration. Different cells in the immune system do different things. Sentry cell roam throughout the body, locating and identifying intruders or abnormal situations, and then summoning the body's own defenders-cells that can pry open malignant cells and inject the body's own poisons, cells that can destroy infection agents, cells that can even arrest viruses and summon reinforcements. The immune system can be affected by biochemical changes in the body by an invasion of microorganisms, by toxicity, by hormonal forces, by emotions, by behavior, by diet or by all.

The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavior Medicine PO Box 523 6D Ledgebrook Drive Mansfield CT, 1994

The 6th International Practitioners Conference on the Clinical Application of Psychoneuroimmunology and the Mind/Body Connection. The Psychology of Health, Immunity and Disease Hilton Head Island, SC December 5-11,1993

Head First,

the Biology of Hope, Norman Cousins, Anatomy of an Illness Possess the big Questions. Here are the Answer, 1989 The mind can help mobilize the body's healing resources. Elliott S. Dasher MD, Reston Virginia,

PN1: The New Mind/Body Healing Program Enzymes and Behavior, Alter metabolic processing of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine has been associated with aggression in animals and humans. Brunner et al. (p. 587) AAAS 10/22/93 previously identified a large kindred in which several males were affected by borderline mental aggressiveness, and abnormal behavior. An associated genetic defect was assigned to the pll-p!2 region of the X chromosome in the vicinity of the monoamine oxidase genes. The authors show that monoamine processing is altered and monoamine oxidase. A activity is deficient in the affected males, each of whom had a point mutation in a monoamine oxidase A structural gene that changes a glutamine to stop codon.

New Titles in Immunology Academic Press, Inc.

525 B. Street Suite 1900 San Diego, CA 92101-4495

Basics in Psych one uroimmunology

Institute for Medical Psychology

University of Vienna, Austria

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Immunity in Healthy Subjects under Psychological Stress Department of Medicine, Wellington School of Medicine New Zealand AustNZJPsychiatry 1993 Sept

Effect of Early Experience on Behavior and Immune Response in the Rat Medizinische Hochschule Hanover Germany Physiol Behav 1993 Nov.

Hardiness and Social Support in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Graduate Program in Nursing MGH Institute of Health Professions Boston. MA ApplNURS RES 1993 Aug.

Psychoneurologicai Aspects of Nursing J. Holistic NURS 1993

Relationships between Self-Reported Symptoms of Infection, Menstrual Cycle-related Distress, and Cycle Phase

College of Nursing

University of Tennessee,


Behav. Med 1993

GroerM. Carr J. Younger MS

Analysis of Partial Varience (APV) as a Statistical Approach to control Day to Day Variation in Immune Assay

Department of Psychiatry

New Jersey Medical School


Brian Behav Immun

Schleifer SJ; Eckoldt HM; Choen J; Keller SE 1993 Sept

Psychoneuroimmunologica! Research in Psychosomatic Medicine Psychother Psychosom Med Psycho! Henningsen P 1993 Sept.

Psychoneuroimmunological Aspects of Disease Progression among women with Human Papillomavirus-Associated Cervical Dysplasia and Human Immunodficiency Virus TYPE 1 Co-Infection

Center for the biopsychosocial Study of Aids University of Miami School of Medicine IntJ Psychiatry Med 1993 Godkin K; Antoni MH; HelderL; Sevin B

The Effects of Stress and Relaxation on the in Vitro Immune Response in Man : a Meta-Analytic Study

Department of Immunohematology and Blood Bank

University Hospital. Leiden, The Netherlands

J Behav Med 1993 Apr

Rood YR; Bogaards M; Goulmy E; Houwelingen HC

PNI: The New Mind/Body Healing Program

Enzymes and Behavior, Alter metabolic processing of

neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine has been

associated \ith aggression in animals human. Bnmneretal. (p.

587) AAAS 10/22/93 previously identified a large kindred in which

several males were affected by borderline mental aggressiveness,

and abnormal behavior. An associated genetic defect was assigned

to the pi l-p!2 region of the X chromosome in the vicinity of the

monoamine oxidase genes. The authors show that monoamine

processing is altered and monoamine oxidase. A activity is

deficient in the affected males, each of whom had a point

mutation in a monoamine oxidase A structural gene that changes a glutamine to stop


Advances in Neuroimmunology.

Editors George B, Stefano, State University of New York College

at Old Westbury, Long Island New York, USA and Eric M. Smith, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, XX USA, Publishes quarterly, Advances in Neuroimmunology includes current and comprehensive reviews on significant research into the interactions between the nervous and immune systems. The journal covers research on the area broadly defined as neuroimmunoiogy and is unlimited in scope interms of the type of signal molecule, species of organism, or basic versus clinical study. Volume 4,1994, 4 issues per annum.

Negative Behavior during Marital Conflict is Associated with Immunological Down-Regulation, Department of Psychiatry, Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus OH Although Increase morbidity and mortality have been reliably associated with social isolation and less satisfying personal relationships, relative little is known about the underlying biopsychosocial mechanisms. We assessed problem-solving behaviors and changes in the immune function in 90 newly couples who were admitted to a hospital research unit for 24 hours. Subjects who exhibited more negative or hostile behaviors during a 30 minute discussion of the marital problems showed greater decrements over 24 hours relative low negative subjects on four functional immunologica! assay (natural killer cell lysis, blastogenie response to two mitogens, and the proliferative response to a monoclonal antibody to the T3 receptor), as well as larger increases in the in the numbers of total T lymphocytes and helper T lymphocytes. High negative subjects had higher antibody titters to latent Epstein-Barr virus than low negative subjects, consistent with down-regulated immune function. Women were more likely to show problems also led to larger increases in blood pressure that remained elevated longer in high negative subjects than low negative subjects. Positive or supportive problem solving behaviors were not restated to either immunological or blood pressures changes. These physiological differences were particularly noteworthy because marital satisfaction was high in both groups, and couples had been selected on the basis of stringent mental and physical health criteria. These data provide additional support for the link between personal relationships and the immune function-

Kiecolt-Glaser JK; Malarkey WB; Chee M; Newton T Psychosomatic Medicine, Sept-Oct. 1993.

Quantum Healing, Exploring the Frontiers of the Mind/Body Medicine, Deepak Chopra. MD

Genetic Nomenclature for Loci Controlling surface Antigensof Mouse Hemopoietic Cells

Morse HC, J Immunol 1993 Mar. 15

Laboratory of Immunopathology,

National Institute of Allergy

and Infectious Diseases,

Nationals Institute of Health. Bethesda, MD

Antigen-specific Lymphology, Secretory patterns in Atopic Disease Department of Medicine,

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Plaut M, Immonol 1990 Jun. 15

Idiotypes: concepts and applications, Rosenstiel Research Center, Department of Biology,

Brandeis University. Waltham, MA

NisonoffAJ, Immunol 1991 Octl5

Modulation of EL-1- induced neutrophil migration by dexamethasone and lipocortin 1. Department of Biomedical Pharmacology, William Harvey Research] Institute. Medical college of St.. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, United Kingdom Perretti M; Flower RJ, J Immunol 1993 Feb. 1

Biphasic Ca2+ responses in human basophils. Evidence that the initial transient in human elevation associated with the mobilization of intracellular calcium is an insufficient signal for dcgranulation

Johns Hopkins University, Asthma and Allergy Center

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I. Medizinische Klmik and Poliklinik

Johnannes Gutenberg University:

at, Mainz Germany

Behring Institute Mitt

Meyers Zum Buschenfelde KH; Poralla T, 1992 Apr.


THE YEAR OF LOUIS PASTEUR INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIA The 100th anniversary of the death of Louis Pasteur will be celebrated in 1995 as 'The Year of Louis Pasteur" UNESCO and the institute Pasteur arc collaborating in the organization of this prestigious commemoration.

Stereospecificity and Molecular Recognition

Dr. H. Buc, Institute

The Rockefeller University

New York, NAY

September 12-15,1995

The European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care Department of Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine

P.O. Box 9101


The Netherlands

The New York Academy of Science

Neuroimmunomodulation: Interventions in Aging and Cancer

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Antigen and Clone-Specific Immunoregualation

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Friedman, and Bruder 1993

T-Cell Receptor Use in Human Autoimmune Diseases Arthristis Foundation

Mark M. Davies, Ph.D

Stanford University

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Stanford, California

Joel Buxbaum, M.D.

New York University

School of Medicine

New York Veterans Affairs Medicine Center

New York, New York

Doubletree Hotel at Horton Plaza

910 Broadway Circle San Diego, California

Apnl 17-20, 1994

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School office of continuing Medical Education

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, Shaping the Future of American Health Care Part 1 1/6/91 Part 2 1/13/91

. The Threatening World: Recognition and Management of Panic Disorder 2/17/91

. Management of Grief after Perinatal Death 2/24/91

The George Washington University Medical Center World Health Day

Environmental Disaster; Preparation or Prevention Myths and Realities of National


What is Disaster?

Appropriate Response to Natural Disasters . The Mexico Earthquake . Famine in Africa . Technological Disasters . Chemical Spills

. US - Soviet Health and Environment Research . Industrial Accidents in the US: Human Health Consequence and the

Community's Right to Know . Washington's Response to Local Disasters . ChemicalInstitutionTs Approach to Response April 6; 1992 Ross Hall

The George Washington University Medical Center

The Seventh Annual International Workshop

Thrombolysis And Intervention Therapy In Acute MI:

Several leading investigators in the field of thrombolytic

therapy discuss the latest issues in the management if acute ML including: timing of thrombolysis;

patient section issues; adjunctive

anticoagulation GUSTO (Global Utilization of Streptokinase

t-PA for Occluded Coronary Arteries), an important new clinical trial.

Directed by Allan Ross, M.D. Professor of Medicine and

Director of the Division of Cardiology at the GWU Medical University

February 16, 1992

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Anxiety Disorder Biological branch

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Recover}' and Shorter durations in the Hospitals Life Change Event Military Personnel Military Psychiatry Patient Remission

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Credibility of patients in psychiatric research Powell RA Aug. 1992

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Mechanisms of Neuroimmunomodulation

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Science and Technology' for the 21 st Century

Meeting the Needs of the Global Community

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Baltimore, Maryland

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Responding to Alterations of Research Misconduct:

A Practicum

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Park Hyatt Hotel

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. Case Discussion

September 6, 13, 20, 1992


University of South Florida College of Medicine Student National Medical Association Region IV Conference Holiday Inn, Ashley Plaza


. Medicine is Still an Honorable Profession . Women in Medicine

. Aids and its Effect on American Health in the 21st Century . The Practice of Medicine in a Litigious . African Americans Physicians and African American . Health Care in the Twenty First Century . Inner-City Medicine .The Plight of the Young .Hispanic America .Health Care in the 21st Century , Residency Admission

. Academic Excellence November 15-16, 1991

The Online Journal of Clinical Trials Chartered Member

OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. Dublin, Oh

National Library of Medicine Sponsor

Improving Health Through Advance Computing and Communications: Realities Beyond the Promise September 26, 1994 Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Washington, D.C.

Medicine and Health Since World War 11 Four Federal Achievements 194CTs-1980!s

Chemotherapy For Tuberculosis Dr. Martin M. Cummings

Denial of Approval For Thalidomide in the U.S. Dr. Frances Kelsey

Advances In Burn Treatment during the Vietnam War Dr. Basil A. Pruitt Jr. Dr. D. A. Henderson December 9. 1993

Grateful Med, Medline, and Medlars

Bethesda, MD


National Center for Biotechnology Information

National Library of Medicine

Bldg. 3SA, Rm. 8N-803

Bethesda, MD 20894

NLM Board of Regents Hearing on the Implementation of Permanent Paper Use 10/25/91

Due to this Project:

30% of Medical journals are Printed on acid-free

paper long range stability of the world's

biomedical literature NLM Regional Library Improving Medical Care:

The Vision of High Performance Computing & Information Technology Thursday, February 11,1993 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Annual Board Meeting 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Lister Hill Auditorium 8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Maryland

National Library of Medicine Annual Meeting, May 31, 1994

National Academy of Science

To Commemorate the 50th anniversary' of D-Day and the man he

called Doc. "Dr. Strickland"

History of the Regional Medical Programs

Honoring of Dr. Roger O. Egeberg and Dr. Stephen P. Strickland

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts National Library of Medicine September 12,1994

Lonesome Doc

Morton Plant Hospital Medical Library

Clearwater, FL.

United Nations University 53-70 Jingumae 5 chome Shibuya, Tokyo 150 Japan

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National Medical Association, 2006

PDF] The Need for Logical Application-Based Extensions in Sickle Cell Disease Research Findings to …
WW Your - Health Perspect, 2005 -
... 147-173. 7. Killough AL, Swan C, Scales M, et al. Statistical mapping: where
individual systems end and human systems begin. Proceedings ...
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Physics and Society

National Science Foundation; Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Division of Physics ISOOGSt. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20550

Bhabha Atomic Reach Center Central Complex Trombay400 085 India

Commerce Department of: National Instandards and Technology; National Measure Laboratory

Center for Basic Standards; Quantum Metrology Group

National Institute for Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Department of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom) National Physical Laboratory Queens Rd., Teddington

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Civil Space Program NASA Town Meeting University of South Florida December 11, 1992

The Space Station, Boeing Defense & Space Group, P.O. Box 58747 M/S HF-90 Houston, Texas 77258


Review Committee to assess the Science Journal and its

asvertisement for its effectiveness


The Sciences

The Neuroscientist

21st Century of Science and Technology Roger Bacon-A Genius on Genius February 1990

Genius was not an inherited quality. OPUS Majus Written in 1928

Virtue clarifies the mind so that man may comprehend more

easily not only moral but scientific truths. Innocency of the soul have gain greater


Vituous activity is not sufficient for genius. It is enough to understand the laws of nature that are already discovered and for an experiential conprehension of the known world, but not yet a genius.

Two further qualities are necessary to leap the gap from intelligence to genius:

.Creativity - the discovery of new laws- a special revelation -fundamental insight given to those worthy of it by God

.the application of this process of discovery to transform the world

to benefit all

.God ordained that the revelation should be given the world so that the human

race may be saved

.God is the intelligence active in all our souls in all cognition

.Person of genius apply their search for wisdom to solving the immediate crisis

of human civilization, harnessing to this end those principles in accord with

natural law for all eternity. Thus does true genius assure its own immortality

.Lastly the final ingredient for genius is humility-the learned ignorance. If

man lived through infinite ages in the perfect in this mental state he would

never arrive with certainty at the perfection of wisdom in the multitude of

things knowledgeable

The New York Academy's Fourth Annusi Conference on My asthenia Gravis Perm, Richman, Ruff, Lennon April, 1992


American Association for the Advancement of Science

U.S. Department of Commerce National Technical Information Service

Steering Committee

Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment

The Place of Screening in Health Care-The Special Obligations of a screening Program

American Academy of Pediatrics

Washington D.C. June, 1974

Boston State University

A Positive Approach towards the Role and Responsibilities of Human Delivery

Systems 8 hours 8/13/75

Prevention-Intervention Strategies 8 his. Boston State University 8/13/75

Crucial Problems in Psychoanalytic Treatment of an Analyst in Practice 3 hrs. Boston State University 8/13/75

The Use of Travistock . Gestalt and HTL Group Methods and Relevance for the

Clinician and Trainer

3 hrs. Boston State University 8/14/75


Through Anger and Through Health 3 hrs. Boston State University 8/15/75

Rape and the Community

6 hrs. Boston State University 8/15/75

Policy Issues in Mental Health Administrators

What Role can Psychologists Play?

6 hrs. Boston State University 8/16/75

The United States Civil Service Commission Washington, D.C.

New Challenges in Discharge Planning

The Developments in the Hospital Discharge Planning and Linkages

between the Hospital and the Aging Network

16 hrs. Regency Hotel 6/24-25/85

Dallas, Texas. Texas Joint Conference On Aging

Overview of The National Initiatives if the Administration on Aging The Minority Elderly and Private Sector Employment Programs 24 hrs. Regency Hotel 4/29/85 5/1/85 Dallas, Texas

Nutrition and Weliness Commissioner's Forum on Aging State of the Art Information on Nutrition For Older People 8 hrs. Fairmont Hotel 12/10/84 Dallas, Texas Productivity in the Eighties

The Technological/Labor Management/Social Environment'1 Governmental Factors and the Governmental Relationships and Management Techniques that relates to the Public-Initiative Sector Private 8 hrs. Ramada Inn West 11/18/82 Wheatridge, Colo.

. Working for the Children and Families in the Eighties to Develop Public/Private Sector Cooperative Programs 8 hrs. Stapleton Plaza Hotel 10/14/82 Denver, Colo.

. Adelante Mujer Hispanic National Conference

An Exposure to Cultural Issues Surrounding the Improvements of Hispanic Women 16 hrs. Adelanta Mujer Hispanic 111 5/21-22/82


P.O. Box 25007 Denver, Colo. 80225

. Performance Evaluation By Managers and Supervisors 16 hrs. Denver Federal Center 6/12-13/79 Denver, Colo

. The Development and Implementation of a Performance Appraisal System 24 hrs. Civil Rights Training Institute 12/11-14/79 700 Broadway St. Denver, Colo.

. Managerial Performance Appraisal

16 hrs. Denver Regional Training Center 7/26-27/79 Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colo.

Advanced Management Seminar

. Theories. Techniques, Strategies of Management into a Unified Approach 40 hrs. Cherry Creek Inn 9/26-30/77 Denver, Colo.

. National Legislative System 3/29/77 State Legislative System 4/26/77 16 hrs. U.S. Dept. HEW Denver, Colo.

. Cost Anlysis Methodology for Social Services 40 hrs. Ambassador Hotel 3/17-21/75 Washington, D.C.

. Technical Report Writing

24 hrs. U.S. Civil Service Commission 10/01-03/74

Phila. Pa. . Project Officer Training

24 hrs. Contracts U.S. Civil Service 5/22-24/78

Denver, Colo.

Nighting CorporationThe New Leader In The Field

. The Magic World . Acres of Diamonds . A Worthy Destination . Miracle of your Mind . Destiny in the Balance . Seed for Achievement

. It's Easier to Win

. How Much are You Worth

. Let's talk about Money

, One thing you can't Hide

. Today's Greatest Adventure

. The Person on the White Horse

12 Hours

May 10-11, 1992

Speeches / Lectures / Writings


Violence Vs Nonviolence

June 9, 1976

The Martin Luther King Jr.

Center for Social Change

671 BeckwithSt. S.W.

Atlanta, Ga. 30314

The U.S. Government and the Academia Februarys, 1975 The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health Baltimore, MD

State and Federal Working Agreements June 23, 1975 State of Delaware Division of Social Services Wilmington, Delaware

Services and Federal Regulations July 24, 1975 State of Maryland Lord Baltimore Hotel Baltimore. MD

Your Child's Welfare February 16, 1972 Washington Irving School Parent Teacher Association Scranton, Pa.

The Role of Parents December 12,1972


United Neighborhood Services Scranton, Pa.

The Future of American Neighborhoods March 5, 1971

Hyde Park Presbyterian Church Scranton, Pa.

The Generation Gap

March 7, 1971

Wesr Scranton Hospital Complex

Scranton, Pa.

Project Hope

May 12,1971

Roman Catholic Diocese Of Scranton

Scranton, Pa.

Discrimination Everywhere June 15, 1971

Lackawanna Welfare Council Scranton, Pa.

Unity Brings Power June 15,1971

Moosic Youth Center Moosic, Pa.

Follow the Flag

United States Special Field Forces

Kissimee. Florida

August, 1994


National Policy Forum

A Republican Center for the Exchange ofldeas

Safe and Prosperous Neighborhoods

University of Central Florida

July, 1994

The Nation Trust for the Development of African-American Men Culturally-Oriented Physical Eximination for African-American Men July 21,1993


Hilton Hotel Tampa, FL. November 15, 1993

The World Needs You May 26, 1992

Hillsborough High School Tampa, Florida May 26, 1993

Greater Tampa Urban League's Trust In Association with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity: and the American Cancer Society Tampa. FL September 18, 1990

Scouting in the Twenty First Century March 11, 1984 Boy Scouts of America Dallas, Texas September 16: 1976

Child Abuse

Denver Rocky Mt. Association of Black Psychologist

Marriage and the Family

Regency Hotel Denver, Colo.

December 13, 1977

Marrilage and the Family-Denver Rocky Mt. Association of Black Psychologist Stouffer Hotel Denver, Colo. December 17, 1973

Publications and Writings:

RFP Proposal

Children's Resource Center

Mental Health Care

Joint-Venture Family and School

Support Teams Training Plan

RFP Proposal

Children's Board of Hillsborough County

To Hire Independent Grant Writer


Seduction of the Mind

(the Mind F)

Book (currently writing)


Library of Congress

White House Status: Classified

Presidential Advisor

Empowered and commissioned to councel, support and to advise the President of

the United States of America on policy matters

. Republican Presidential Legion of Merit

. RNC Senatorial Medal of Freedom

. RNC Roundtable

. RNC Senatorial Inner Circle

. PresidentiaTs Advisory

. Presidential Task Force

.Presidential^ Club

. Presidendent National Leadership Team

, President's Campaign Advisory Committee

. President's Trust

Position Papers and Letters:

Presidents Reagan and Bush 1980-1992

Iran/Contra Cold War

Volunteer Military No Salaries

Middle East


Policies to spur economic

growth now while getting

the federal budget under


America's small and mid size business


Potentially the most

explosive issue of the 90

to ensure adequate care

for all Americans with

out bankrupting the federal


Prisons at Closed Bases

Small Business and Commerce South Africa

Strengthening our economy and our free enterprise system by encouraging and rewarding new investment and entrepreneurship

Voluntary Military No wages

Persian Gulf Supreme Court Oli North

Reagan's Retirement Salt Treaty Judge Souter Federal Deficit Government Waste Nuclear Arm Reduction New's Media Slime

Funds from Foreign Government

National Security Council

Defense Intelligence Agency American Gi;s in Russia's Prison Camps Farewell to a Great Chief Ronald Reagan

Crime Prisons

National Budget South Africa Chief of Staff

expenses New Prisons

Barbara Bush Speech to College

"Nominations Arms to Iran NATO Research New Czar Drug Policy

Cold War

Violent Crime Control Act


New Ticket 1992/ Traders

Threat to National Security

Base Closing President Kennedy

Central Intelligence agency

Governor Clinton POW/



Farewell to Richard Nixon Richard Nixon Library

450 Letters from the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Social and Rehabilitation Services and the Office of Human Development Services to the United States Archives.EXPERIENCES:

o Chairman, Swan and Associates, An International Consulting Firm. Tampa, FL. o National Security Advisor, United States Special Field Forces, Washington, DC o Presidential Advisor, to the President of the United States of America o Swan and Associates, Consultant to the Ambassador of South Africa and the White


o State Liaison Officer, US Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC o Executive Director, United Neighborhood Sen-ices, Scranton, Pa. o Clinical Psychologist, (Private Practice), Swan and Associates, Poconos. Pa o Personnel Director, Hotel Corporation of America, Baltimore, MD o Clinical Assistant, Perkins State Hospital, Jessup, MD.ACHIEVEMENTS:(Honors, Commissions, Memberships):

o The highest honor the Republican President can bestow :

The Legion of Merit Award

The Order of Merit Award o The highest honor the Republican members of the US Senate can bestow:

Republican Senatorial Metal of Freedom

o Royal Patronage bestowed by Prince Regent of the Hurt River Province Principality

of Western Australia

o Who's Who in Medicine and Health Care (First Edition) 1997-1998 o American Association of World Health o New York Academy of Science

.Biomedical Sciences


.Physics & Astronomy o National Library of Medicine o The On-line Journal of Current Clinical Trials Chartered Member

o American Association for the Advancement of Science

.Medical Science


.Societal Impacts of Science Engineering

.Committee on Scientific Freedom & Responsibility

.Professional Society- Ethics Group

o Who's Who in America '92 - '96 in Science and Engineering o Five Hundred leaders of Influence American Biographical Institute, Fifth Edition o Forum on Physics and Society. American Physics Society

o Surgeon General National Health Initiative Task Force

o National Mental Health Assessment Team, Office of the Secretary. US Dept HEW

o American Pain Society

o Silver Key Award, National Association of Mental Health

o Certificates of Appreciation White House

o Federal Tasks Forces: Family Planning, Aging, Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment, Public Health, Day Care, Head Start, Indians, Law Enforcement Assistance Adm., Federal Regional Task Force, Handicapped, Transportation, HUD, Joint Simplification Act, Emergency Preparedness.

o Distinguished Sendee Award, Denver Rocky/Mt. Assoc. of Black Psychologists

o Patriotic Sen-ice Award. US Treasury

o Role Model. Beta Sigma Sorority

o Mentor/ Role Model, Kellogg's Trust

o Who's Who in North America

o Alpha Phi Omega

o Chairman. Rocky MT Assoc. of Black Psychologists

o National Assoc. of Black Psychologists

o Chairman, Black American West Museum. Denver, Co.

o Library of Congress/Copyright

o President's National Medal of Patriotism American Police Hall of Fame

o Boy's Scouts of America, Commissioner, Dallas, Texas

o National Associations of Retired Federal Employees

o American Association of Retired Persons

o Vice Pres., Community Coordinated Child Care

o Vice Pres., Executive Directors Assoc. Scranton, Pa.

o National Alliance of Businessmen

o Toastmasters

o American Assoc.., Abolition of Involuntary Mental Hospitals

o Marywood College, Council to Equalize Education

o Men of Achievement Seventeenth Edition International Biographical Center Cambridge, England

o United States Special Field Forces, Major General

o United States Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC)

oThe International Security Council

o The Competitiveness Center of the Hudson Institute Founding Partner

o The American Air Museum in Britain Founding Partner

o National Policy Forum A Republican Center for the Exchange of Ideas

o Republican National Committee

o Roundtable

o RNC Senatorial inner Circle

Senatorial Commission o Republican National Committee Trust o Who's Who in the Republican Party


o Republican Presidential Task Force o President's Club

.National Leadership Team

.Campaign Advisory Committee

.Gala 1992

o Republican Campaign Council o Bush_Quayle Campaign Council o President Campaign Trust

o Federal Election Commission Compliance Trust Fund o 1992 RNC National Gala Executive Committee o President's Council

o The President of the United States Certificates of Recognition o Republican National Committee's

Certificates of Merit1'Appreciation


Swan and Associates, PA
Memberships, Associations and Affiliations:

Behavorial Medicine * Psychoneuroimmunology
Clifton T. Perkins Hospital Center * The New York Academy of Science * American Association of World Health * National Library of Medicine * Human Genome Sequencing Management Center * North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Scientific and Environmental Programmes) * Center for Disease Control * American Association for the Advancement of Science * American Physics Society * Stanford University Electronic Library * Cornell University Law Library * The United States Supreme Court Historical Society * American Library Association, American Medical Association
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