Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dr. Charles W. Swan was Presidential Policy Advisor to Presidents Reagan and George Bush, Sr. Senator Phil Gramm awarded him the Medal of Freedom and George Bush awarded him the Presidential Legion of Merit Award

Dr. Charles W. Swan Library and Museum

I am proud to announce Dr. Charles W. Swan unanimous nomination to receive the party's most prestigious award... The Medal of Freedom... The first three Medal of Freedom awards were granted to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Charlton Heston. Medal of Freedom Announced February 19, l994, Ceremony held in Washington, D.C May 10-11 1994.

Dr. Swan recieved the following honors:

Presidential Legion of Merit award by President Ronald Reagan, Ronald Wilson Reagan Eternal Flame of Freedom Medal, Victory Monument:Swan inclusion October 10, 1995, Presidential Round Table, Order of Merit, Senatorial Inner Circle, President's Task Force, Majority Medal, Chairman's Advisory Board, A Senatorial Commission, President's Club, National Leadership Team, Presidental Policy Advisor

Phil Gramm, US Senate

The United States Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom, is the highest and most prestigious award that the Republican Party can bestow on an individual. Medals are given for contributions to the Republican Party either through statesmanship and/or economic contributions

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