Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stars and Stripes Forever

Medals and Awards granted to

The Right Honorable Chevalier Dr. Charles W. Swan

Distinguish American
Historical Figure

Presidential Legion of Merit
Awarded by President George Bush

Ronald Reagan Eternal Flame of Freedom Medal
Republican Victory Monument
The Patriotic Americans who have achieved recognition as PLATINUM MEMBERS for their leadership in the Republican Party and their loyal service to our Republican Presidents are eligible to have their names inscribed in the granite tablet which is the Republican Victory Monument. This eloquent monument, which is located just to south of the Eternal Flame of Freedom in the courtyard of the Task Force's national headquarters in the Ronald Reagan Republican Center in Washington, DC, is a permanent and public tribute to the few top members of the Task Force.Platinum Membership Credentials

Every Member of the Presidential Task Force should be recognized for their commitment , sacrifice and dedication. Toward that end, PLATINUM MEMBERS are issued credentials in the form of a membership card handsomely embossed with the members' name and PLATINUM MEMBER status, as well as Certificate of Membership and a platinum lapel pin will be recognized as a symbol of membership in the top echelon of this heralded Republican Party entity. Political Briefing Service

Recognizing that members of the Presidential Task Force are deeply concerned with the issues of the day, political trends, and insider information, the Task Force uses state of the art technology combined with old-fashioned personal service to give members unrivaled access to crucial information. In an age where information is power, Task Force members have access to daily e-mail briefings covering the hottest topics in Washington.

Awarded A Senatorial Commission
Esteemed Members of the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle are considered for the most distinguished honors conferred by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, including the American Spirit Medal and the Republican Senatorial Commission.

The Presents Club
The President’s Club: Chartered in 1981 to support President Ronald Reagan’s active political schedule on behalf of the Republican Party and Republican candidates across the country. Today, the President's Club continues to perform this vital function under President Bush.

Chairman's Advisory Board
Chairman’s Advisory Board: A senior leadership forum of the RNC designed to enlist the personal energy and expertise of Republican leaders in business and community affairs in communicating Republican ideas and developing campaign strategies at the highest levels of the Party.

Who's Who in the World
Instant access to global leaders! Published annually to keep pace with global change!

With the massive push toward "globalization" in so many endeavors, Marquis recognizes your need to focus on leading citizens from around the world.

Who’s Who in the World provides instant access to over 60,000 personal profiles—reviewed, revised, and proofread by the listees themselves—providing guaranteed accuracy and immediacy.

Sharp turns of fortune in the Pacific Rim ...struggles for democracy in Africa and Central America ...breathtaking mergers of multinational corporations in Europe and the United States ...scientific discoveries from the rainforests of South America ...the endeavor for peace in the Middle East ...each year the prominent players in events such as these are featured in Who’s Who in the World. No other English-language reference work offers comparable up-

Sentorial Inner Circle
The Senatorial Inner Circle represents an impressive cross section of American society -- community leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs, physicians and retirees -- all of whom hold a deep interest in our nation's prosperity and security. This diverse mix of donors allows for the exchanging of a variety of ideas between members with a common goal shared by all -- to gain and strengthen a Republican majority in the United States Senate.

The Round Table
Early in 1987, faced with a newly-elected Democrat-controlled Senate, President Ronald Reagan founded the Republican Presidential Roundtable. He sought not only to restore a Republican Senate Majority, but to create a unique forum in American politics, which brings together the most prominent business and civic leaders. President Reagan wanted to enlist their greater involvement in our party and country.

Presidents Patriotic Medal

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